Jay Heryet

The first time I placed gouge on timber, a very visceral response was conjured – a feeling of being home.  This, however, happened some 25 years ago, during years living in New Zealand, eleven and a half thousand miles away from home.

The immediacy and spontaneity of shaping timber on a lathe became such a joy and so captivating; the relationship with the timber, process and the lathe never failed to create inner peace.

My early work was driven by a desire to perfect technique. Consequently, this lead to a diverse range of work being created. Latterly however, my work is more considered – directed, although I never wish to lose that sense of humour I impart to some of my work.

Woodturning and designing on the lathe with its creative possibilities continue to enthral and my fascination with the medium keeps me driven to find the perfect curve; for some artists the process is not important. For me however, it is one part of a whole. Whatever I create, the search for perfect form and sensuous curve is paramount.